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May 9, 2017

Motherhood: Act 1 – Survival By Cheryl Pangborn

Oh the month of May. That time of year that we celebrate motherhood.  I'm 18 years into it and at this point I definitely feel like I've tightened up my skill set and have developed some ingenious ideas to keep one step ahead of the game especially with teenagers. 

For instance I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a little stash of food that I hoard just for me in my nightstand. If I buy myself a four dollar bag of popcorn, the fancy low-calorie salt and pepper kind, I know my children will devour it in less than five minutes. If it's in the cupboard it's fair game and even if I hide it behind some cans of low salt mushroom soup, they will seek it out and they will find it.
  I had to shake my head as I splurged on a pricey pint of ice cream that’s low sugar/low calorie and buried it carefully under a mound of frozen food. Mason finds this and is following me around the house saying “birthday cake! Birthday cake! Which was the flavor, and I’m thinking he is a child of few words yet he can clearly pronounce the name of my contraband ice cream.

My husband however, was totally impressed when he saw my nightstand stash. One afternoon when we were in downtown Savannah we stopped by this shop that sells pricey but delicious macaroons. We looked at each other and I knew that after 25 years of marriage our brains were totally in sync. "These are going in the drawer right?" My husband asks. I just love this guy. 

Another thing I've learned is that I never work out when they’re home. Even though they’re teens, they still have this primal instinct to need something from me the second my foot makes contact with the treadmill.  It's like they have a little anti-mom angel sitting on their shoulder saying "Aren't you hungry? Don't you need a ride someplace? Your moms' working out, there's no more perfect time than right now!"  That applies to phone calls too. If you have toddlers or school-age children don't be fooled. This practice of saying "mom" 50 times in 10 seconds when you're in the middle of a phone conversation has only reached its peak of perfection by the time you have a teenager.

And if you think your toddler can be cranky, flash forward 15 years to a teenager. I'm loathe the admission, but I started carrying protein bars in my purse for the medium sized monsters. Instead of a diaper bag my purse doubles as a "griper" bag. Trust me, no level of crankiness can match that of the teenage species. They're fascinating actually because they don't seem to thrive in human form as morning people, yet, after school they're just as scary. So I've learned to have a little an energy snack at the ready.  Seriously people, it’s called survival.

One thing that never changes is the value of the sleeping child.  A huge plus of teenage life is that unlike toddlers, they like to sleep. Coincidentally, much like toddlers, their parents love when they're sleeping. Never wake a sleeping baby and also never wake a sleeping teenager. This rule applies continually until you’re kids move out. Word to the wise, young moms: you never stop tiptoeing around the house when your kids are sleeping.  Suppress a sneeze, close doors gently, pounce on a ringing phone, these concepts never expire.

So there you have it. Some of my seasoned mom tips and tricks. No matter what stage of mothering you're in the basic theme remains: survival. Pick your battles, learn from your mistakes, forge ahead with confidence. We’re all winging it, from infancy to college, so rest assured, you are not alone in the trenches. Maybe this Mother's Day I'll just lock myself in my room with a box full of macaroons and hope my kids sleep in for awhile! Here's wishing all moms their own version of success on your special day.



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April 12, 2017

A Tour of Richmond Hill, GA with Cecilia Bird, Realtor and Property Manager

Richmond Hill VAThe wonderful thing about living in Richmond Hill is that we are so close to the beauty and history of Savannah. Just a short drive down I-16 and we can access so many fabulous events, restaurants, museums, and parks. I had the privilege of experiencing the Savannah Tour of Homes this month with yours truly, my good friend Cecilia Bird, Realtor and Property Manager in Richmond Hill, GA. She's been anxious to walk a day in my "tourist" shoes and this seemed like a perfect afternoon to get our downtown groove on. I've become accustomed to the driving and parking in the historic district.  

Honestly, at first all the one-way streets and driving around the squares made me a nervous wreck. But, now I'm an old pro. So we parked and walked (6000 steps according to Cecilia) all over the district viewing some of the oldest restored homes in Savannah. We started at the beautiful Anglican Christ Church and got to see their magnificent choir loft set up for their bell choir. In a directionally challenged state for sure, we set off to tour the houses on our list. Residents opened their gorgeous restored homes with original wood floors, leaded glass and claw foot tubs for our enjoyment. This was a perfect spring day for a walking tour and incidentally, is my first experience with spring. Florida has no seasons, and when flowers started to spontaneously erupt in my yard I was absolutely thrilled. 

Spring, summer, winter or fall, Savannah hosts scores of similar events throughout the year. You can rest assured that there's something going on each and every day worth seeing. We laughed a bit and got lost a lot but we had a blast. I implore you to get started in Savannah by getting on the "hop on hop off" trolley to get a feel for what you'd like to see and do.   Tip:  most people don't know that as a resident you can get a hometown pass which allows a free ride on the trolley with one paid rider! Even Cecilia learned something from this SoFl transplant!  I'm committed to getting Cecilia down there at least once monthly!! I expect you all to do so also!   

Tip:  most people don't know that as a resident you can get a hometown pass which allows a free ride on the trolley with one paid rider! Even Cecilia learned something from this SoFl transplant!  I'm committed to getting Cecilia down there at least once monthly!! I expect you all to do so also!   

If you'd like to hear more about all that Richmond Hill has to offer, down hesitate to contact Cecilia Bird, Realtor and Property Manager in Richmond Hill!

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March 17, 2017

The Taste of Georgia | Reasons to Buy in Richmond Hill

Georgia people have impressed me in many ways, but one of the biggest is the food. I’m from South Florida and you would think that I am accustomed to a certain level of excellence where seafood is concerned, but I must say the low country cooking beats that hands down. I think in Georgia it’s the combination of the food and the atmosphere that I love.

I was back in SoFl this past weekend and ate at a restaurant we went to all the time when we lived there. I was so taken back by the pretentiousness of it all. The glitter the glam and this was a hamburger joint! That fancy girl is gone and has graduated from the sensational to the simple which suits me just fine. Lucky for us, there is some of the best low country cooking right here in our city.

When we were coming to Richmond Hill house hunting and exploring we were directed to Fish Tales right down Fort McAllister Road because we really wanted to eat where the locals do. It quickly became our go to place when we came to town and before we even lived here I felt like we were regulars. My husband is an oyster lover, something you don’t get too often in Florida, so he was in heaven in these parts. Now Fish Tales is definitely “our place.” Hot or cold (even bundled up in hats and coats when it was 40 degrees) you can find us there under the tiki hut. It’s a little cheesy, but we made some really huge decisions sitting on that deck, looking out over the great Ogeechee. We should move. We shouldn’t move. We should buy this house. We should not buy this house. These important decisions were made on a full stomach of fish tacos or spicy Buffalo wings. Another great place we discovered with is tucked away on the Kilkenny Creek is Marker 107.

The atmosphere is dare I say, a little more quiet and romantic. The perfect place to sit a a candlelit table under a starry sky or full moon. It’s lovely to eat inside or out on the patio and the food is a win. I love that these places are literally right down the street from us and we can jump in the car in a pair of jeans and sit outside for a casual but fabulous meal in minutes. I adore that Georgia people are never in a rush, most certainly when it comes to eating. The motto is always “stay awhile, sit, relax, enjoy and eat till you can’t move. It’s a low country thing I think and I for one am loving it!

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Feb. 15, 2017

Outdoor fun in Richmond Hill, GA Give More Reasons to Buy Real Estate

One of the things I've come to love about Richmond Hill, GA since living here is that I've gotten back into running outdoors. It didn't take me long to find JF Gregory Park and fall in love with the three-mile trail. You are literally right off of the main roads in town, yet once you step onto the trails you feel like you’re whisked away into a tranquil forest.

I was an outdoor runner for years back home in Florida and then I started running a treadmill in my garage. This was lacking in the scenic and fresh air department. Discovering the park was what motivated me to get outside again and with this weather (I know you Georgia people think it's humid but you have no idea) I'm in heaven. I don't know why but I got into this bandana wearing phase. I think for some reason it seems very southern. So I bandana it up and off I go.  Don’t misunderstand; it’s not just for runners. The walker or casual stroller will find it the perfect place to escape.

Leaf strewn paths, bird watching area and benches along the creek is what you’ll find here. There are some great places to ride bikes around town too. I've been using the route in Strathy Hall along the Marsh and it's just lovely. When you come around that bend it’s like your riding right through the wispy, tall grass. Since it's been colder I've had to get a pair of texting gloves so I can change my songs on iTunes and with the fancy gloves and bandana well look out - that crazy Florida girl is on the streets!  I'm especially a sight on those cold 40 degree mornings where I'm swathed from head to toe in fleece.

Once a month I try to make it downtown to do a run or walk around famous Forsyth park which is delightful as well. But you really don't have to go that far to find some seriously great trails around Richmond hill. You can hit Fort McAllister of course, but another hidden gem I came across is called the Green Creek Trail. It's not quite a mile but its lovely, peaceful and lush with vegetation which means it’s nice and shady when you’re walking on one of those days you Georgian’s think is hot! Overall, I am just loving all Richmond hill has to offer to keep me in the great outdoors! Happy trails to all of you until next month. 

If you're looking to buy or sell a home in the Richmond Hill, GA area, please don't hesitate to reach out to Cecilia Bird. Your Richmond Hill Realtor / Property Manager

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Jan. 6, 2017

Delights of Living and Exploring in Richmond Hill, GA

Discovering Richmond Hill, GA

Enjoy ice cream on Richmond Hill property. My name is Cheryl Pangborn and I’ve recently come to call Richmond Hill Georgia my home.  A transplant from South Florida I am on a crash course in the Low Country as I maneuver my way through a new way of life in the charm and beauty of southern Georgia. Since I am a newbie to the area, I am essentially a resident/tourist because my family and I are determined to see and do everything we can in this new and exciting world we find ourselves in. I understand that Florida is also considered the south but it is most certainly lacking the laid back, sweet southern hospitality that I’ve experienced since visiting and living here. I would love to share my journey with you has I discover the wonderful places and experiences that make the Richmond Hill/Savannah area so delightful.

Richmond Hill, GA History

One of the things we loved about the area is how it’s steeped in history. For instance, in our own backyard we have the magnificent Fort McAllister. This quickly became a favorite of ours because it’s so close and something exciting is always going on. Located right in the heart of Richmond Hill, it's the best preserved earthwork fortification of the confederacy. The fort held its own during seven land attacks only falling to Sherman in 1864. Surrounded by coastline and plenteous marshland its beauty is undeniable. There are gorgeous hiking trails, camping facilities and the park boasts numerous events all year long. We took a chilly candle lantern tour during Christmas where we were able to see the civil war soldiers’ reenactment live complete with cannon fire. My husband Steve is a history buff so being able to ride down the street and visit with an actual blacksmith while their crafting a piece of metal right before your eyes is a real treat. I didn’t think I could get him to leave! Canoeing, fishing, bird watching or a visit to the Civil War Museum is right at your fingertips at the fort. Or you can just walk out on the dock to enjoy the beauty of the Ogeechee River in the quiet of the evening for a little sunset romance.

Take Your Own Tour

Want a cliff notes version of the history of Richmond Hill? The best way to hear our story, including places like Fort McAllister, is to download the Coastal Bryan County Heritage Trail ap. You can take your own driving tour of our fair city and learn all about where we can from and who brought us here. From churches to plantations to the cemeteries you'll see it all at your own pace.  Richmond Hill won't disappoint if you’re looking for a place with deep historical roots and a small town atmosphere. I look forward to sharing more exciting places and events with you so until next month, take a few minutes to drive out to the fort and start enjoying life on The Hill. 

If you're looking to invest in property or simply make a move, please feel free to contact us. We provide full service real estate and property management services in Richmond Hill, Savannah, and the surrounding areas!

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March 6, 2015

Richmond Hill Property Owners Enjoy The Ice Cream Stop

Enjoy ice cream on Richmond Hill property.Family fun times are enjoyed at The Ice Cream Stop. Seemingly limitless flavors may make choosing a treat difficult for residents of Richmond Hill real estate. Of course, The Ice Cream Stop has timeless favorites such as Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate for patrons with traditional taste buds.Those a seeking a little more dare in their dessert may choose a more intriguing flavor such as Superman, Sea Turtle, Banana Pudding, Deer Tracks or Orange Vanilla Swirl. The menu here boasts shakes, malts, banana splits, ice cream sandwiches, build your own sundae and more. Several smoothie options are available for those who want to indulge less. The Ice Cream Stop also provides dairy free and fat free alternatives.

Creators Bill and Gayle Pollard designed their ice cream parlor with the whole family in mind including the dog. If you bring your pup along his ice cream treat is free! Families owning Richmond Hill property can take advantage of weekend movies and weekday storytimes. There is also a Kids’ Play Room with a padded area and chalkboard covered walls. The inspiration behind this was to allow mom and dad to relax and eat their ice cream while their littles play. Memories are in the making at The Ice Cream Stop for Richmond Hill families and are savored alongside the treats. Located in the Publix Shopping Center The Ice Cream Stop is close by for Richmond Hill property owners to drop in at any time. For more information please visit or call (912) 727-3355.


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March 5, 2015

Explore Beautiful Richmond Hill Real Estate at Fort McAllister

Find History in Richmond Hill Real EstateFort McAllister is a treasure in the backyard of Richmond Hill real estate owners waiting to be discovered. One of Georgia’s state parks, Fort McAllister is very rich in civil war history. Located south of Savannah on the banks of the Ogeechee River, this spectacular wilderness area boasts the best-preserved earthwork fortification of the Civil War. The earthworks were attacked seven times by Union ironclads before falling in 1864. Visitors to Fort McAllister can explore cannons, barracks, palisades and more. There is also a Civil War Museum with a gift shop in the park. History buffs can delve even deeper by participating in a staff historian led Soldier program teaching subjects from civil war weaponry, medicine and soldier daily life.

Seven scenic cabins built on stilts near the salt marsh are available for residents of Richmond Hill real estate to reserve. Also there are over 60 campsites including backcountry sites to enjoy. A perfect location for day trips and picnicking, several riverside sites have been equipped with playgrounds for the kids. Residents of Richmond Hill homes have plenty of opportunities to attend community events at at Fort McAllister. Special events include Junior Naturalist Mini Camps, Spring and Fall Festivals, Easter Egg hunts, Earth Day Canoe Trips, Ogeechee Riverbank Clean Up Day and community celebrations on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and more. For more information on what fun there is to be had at Fort McAllister please click here.

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March 4, 2015

Richmond Hill Home Owners Make Memories at Fia Rua Irish Pub

Richmond Hill home owners love Fia Rua Irish Pub.Located in Richmond Hills’ Ford Plaza, Fia Rua prides itself on being a traditional Irish Pub. The perfect outing for Richmond Hill home owners to gather together for quality beer, tasty food, and good company. With a generous selection of on-tap handles, beer choices range from classic lagers to select ales. The pub also boasts a wide selection of wines and specialty drinks. Rich in heritage, Fia Rua sits on the same spot as one of Richmond Hill’s first taverns.

This casual and comfortable bar is a great place to unwind with friends while sharing the local gossip over a drink or two. Fia Rua’s happy hour runs from 3 to 7 p.m. with $2.50 domestic bottles and $3.00 wells. A favorite of Richmond Hill home owners is Wine Down Wednesday offering half-off wine prices during happy hour times, served with complimentary cheese and crackers.

Those who come with hungry stomachs will delight in unique and tasty menu items. Appetizers include Bloomin’ Spinach Dip, Basket O’Fries or the Guinness Ale infused Cheese and Ale Crock. Reuben lovers can decide between two sandwiches, the Traditional or Georgia Classic. Residents of Richmond Hill property will be reluctant to end the evening without trying a delicious piece of Bailey’s Irish cheesecake. Fia Rua is a fun-filled local gathering place designed for bringing people together in traditional Irish pub style. This is a place where good times are made. Fia Rua is open Monday - Saturday. For more information please visit

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March 2, 2015

Why You Should Pay Attention to a Home's Furniture Layout

By Charlene Storozuk, guest contributor

One thing that occasionally gets overlooked when preparing a home for sale is furniture layout. I’ve been in many homes where I’ve felt that something wasn’t quite right about a certain room as soon as I entered it. Not anything obvious, but more of an indescribable sense of confusion for lack of a better word.

If you’re planning on selling your home, here are some questions you should ask yourself about your current furniture layout:

• Does the room look off balance?

• Is the flow of the room disrupted?

• Does the layout impede pathways?

• Is the focal point of the room concealed?

• Does the room feel “boxed in” rather than open?

• Is there too much furniture in the room?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might want to take a look at your furniture placement. This is where a professional home stager can help you.

At a recent staging consultation that I carried out, there were some issues with furniture placement. The space in question was an open concept living room/dining room/kitchen. If you take a look at this BEFORE photo, you’ll see that some changes were needed.


Now let’s ask the questions about this space:

Question #1: “Does the room look off balance?” Although you can’t see it from this photo, the dining area was directly behind the sofa. This area was comprised of a small round table and four chairs along with a small dining hutch. The living area was weighted down in comparison with too many pieces of heavy furniture, which made the overall space look off balance.

Question #2: “Is the flow of the room disrupted?” The large sofa split the space between the living and dining areas in half, making the room look smaller and broken up.

Question #3: “Does the layout impede pathways?” The pathway to get from the dining area to the kitchen was tight due to the length of the sofa. As well, the pathway between the sofa and loveseat to reach the seating area was cramped.

Question #4: “Is the focal point of the room concealed?” Absolutely. In this case, the focal point of the room was the fireplace. With the current furniture configuration and the large TV, the fireplace did not take main stage.

Question #5: “Does the room feel ‘boxed in’ rather than open?” Yes, you can see this from the BEFORE photo.

Question #6: “Is there too much furniture in the room?” Yes, from a staging point of view there was too much furniture in the space. While living in a house and not considering selling, you’re obviously going to arrange your space to suit your needs as was the case here. Due to the amount of entertaining the home owners did, they required more seating. However, now that they were going to sell, they needed to make some changes.

So here’s what we did…

We removed the sofa, moved the loveseat over to where the sofa previously was, and brought in a chair that was being used upstairs in the master bedroom suite. Fortunately, this chair matched the loveseat so we were in luck. While we were at it, we removed the TV for good measure in order to also help open up the space and make the fireplace the main attraction.

Once the TV was gone, we brought in a glass console table that was previously in the basement to help ground that area, yet not detract from the fireplace.

Now take a look at the AFTER photo …

Photo Credit: Charlene Storozuk, DEZIGNER DIGZ

In the AFTER photo you’ll see how the space is more open, there’s flow, and the fireplace now takes its place of prominence as it should. This photo was taken before any styling took place. You can see how different the space looks already and that’s without any decorative accessories, an area rug or small glass tables.

The way your furniture is arranged while you are living in your home should be configured to suit your needs and to work with your intended purpose for the room. However, remember that if you’re going to sell anytime soon, you should always ask yourself some important questions about furniture placement.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charlene Storozuk is the owner of DEZIGNER DIGZ, a professional home staging, interior decorating and redesign firm based in Burlington, Ontario Canada. She is certified as an International Staging Professional, International Design & Decorating Professional, Professional Colour Consultant, and Feng Shui Design Professional. Her work is published in the book “FabJob Guide to Become a Home Stager,” 2009 edition. Storozuk is recognized as a local leader in the home staging industry. She founded the Halton & Hamilton-Wentworth Real Estate Staging Association Chapter and served on the association’s Executive Committee for two years as Regional Vice-President, Canada. Storozuk is a past recipient of RESA North American Leadership Awards for Chapter President of the Year (2007) and Regional Vice-President of the Year (2011). For ideas on how to bring “WOW” Factor to your home, follow her HIP TIPZ Series for daily home staging, design and decor inspiration. HIP TIPZ can be found on the Dezigner Digz Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter: @dezigner_digz .

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Feb. 27, 2015

Solve Kids' Room Messes

Home owners don’t have to keep kids’ room doors closed 24/7. Provide room storage solutions for kids of every age.

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