Discovering Richmond Hill, GA

Enjoy ice cream on Richmond Hill property. My name is Cheryl Pangborn and I’ve recently come to call Richmond Hill Georgia my home.  A transplant from South Florida I am on a crash course in the Low Country as I maneuver my way through a new way of life in the charm and beauty of southern Georgia. Since I am a newbie to the area, I am essentially a resident/tourist because my family and I are determined to see and do everything we can in this new and exciting world we find ourselves in. I understand that Florida is also considered the south but it is most certainly lacking the laid back, sweet southern hospitality that I’ve experienced since visiting and living here. I would love to share my journey with you has I discover the wonderful places and experiences that make the Richmond Hill/Savannah area so delightful.

Richmond Hill, GA History

One of the things we loved about the area is how it’s steeped in history. For instance, in our own backyard we have the magnificent Fort McAllister. This quickly became a favorite of ours because it’s so close and something exciting is always going on. Located right in the heart of Richmond Hill, it's the best preserved earthwork fortification of the confederacy. The fort held its own during seven land attacks only falling to Sherman in 1864. Surrounded by coastline and plenteous marshland its beauty is undeniable. There are gorgeous hiking trails, camping facilities and the park boasts numerous events all year long. We took a chilly candle lantern tour during Christmas where we were able to see the civil war soldiers’ reenactment live complete with cannon fire. My husband Steve is a history buff so being able to ride down the street and visit with an actual blacksmith while their crafting a piece of metal right before your eyes is a real treat. I didn’t think I could get him to leave! Canoeing, fishing, bird watching or a visit to the Civil War Museum is right at your fingertips at the fort. Or you can just walk out on the dock to enjoy the beauty of the Ogeechee River in the quiet of the evening for a little sunset romance.

Take Your Own Tour

Want a cliff notes version of the history of Richmond Hill? The best way to hear our story, including places like Fort McAllister, is to download the Coastal Bryan County Heritage Trail ap. You can take your own driving tour of our fair city and learn all about where we can from and who brought us here. From churches to plantations to the cemeteries you'll see it all at your own pace.  Richmond Hill won't disappoint if you’re looking for a place with deep historical roots and a small town atmosphere. I look forward to sharing more exciting places and events with you so until next month, take a few minutes to drive out to the fort and start enjoying life on The Hill. 

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