One of the things I've come to love about Richmond Hill, GA since living here is that I've gotten back into running outdoors. It didn't take me long to find JF Gregory Park and fall in love with the three-mile trail. You are literally right off of the main roads in town, yet once you step onto the trails you feel like you’re whisked away into a tranquil forest.

I was an outdoor runner for years back home in Florida and then I started running a treadmill in my garage. This was lacking in the scenic and fresh air department. Discovering the park was what motivated me to get outside again and with this weather (I know you Georgia people think it's humid but you have no idea) I'm in heaven. I don't know why but I got into this bandana wearing phase. I think for some reason it seems very southern. So I bandana it up and off I go.  Don’t misunderstand; it’s not just for runners. The walker or casual stroller will find it the perfect place to escape.

Leaf strewn paths, bird watching area and benches along the creek is what you’ll find here. There are some great places to ride bikes around town too. I've been using the route in Strathy Hall along the Marsh and it's just lovely. When you come around that bend it’s like your riding right through the wispy, tall grass. Since it's been colder I've had to get a pair of texting gloves so I can change my songs on iTunes and with the fancy gloves and bandana well look out - that crazy Florida girl is on the streets!  I'm especially a sight on those cold 40 degree mornings where I'm swathed from head to toe in fleece.

Once a month I try to make it downtown to do a run or walk around famous Forsyth park which is delightful as well. But you really don't have to go that far to find some seriously great trails around Richmond hill. You can hit Fort McAllister of course, but another hidden gem I came across is called the Green Creek Trail. It's not quite a mile but its lovely, peaceful and lush with vegetation which means it’s nice and shady when you’re walking on one of those days you Georgian’s think is hot! Overall, I am just loving all Richmond hill has to offer to keep me in the great outdoors! Happy trails to all of you until next month. 

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