Georgia people have impressed me in many ways, but one of the biggest is the food. I’m from South Florida and you would think that I am accustomed to a certain level of excellence where seafood is concerned, but I must say the low country cooking beats that hands down. I think in Georgia it’s the combination of the food and the atmosphere that I love.

I was back in SoFl this past weekend and ate at a restaurant we went to all the time when we lived there. I was so taken back by the pretentiousness of it all. The glitter the glam and this was a hamburger joint! That fancy girl is gone and has graduated from the sensational to the simple which suits me just fine. Lucky for us, there is some of the best low country cooking right here in our city.

When we were coming to Richmond Hill house hunting and exploring we were directed to Fish Tales right down Fort McAllister Road because we really wanted to eat where the locals do. It quickly became our go to place when we came to town and before we even lived here I felt like we were regulars. My husband is an oyster lover, something you don’t get too often in Florida, so he was in heaven in these parts. Now Fish Tales is definitely “our place.” Hot or cold (even bundled up in hats and coats when it was 40 degrees) you can find us there under the tiki hut. It’s a little cheesy, but we made some really huge decisions sitting on that deck, looking out over the great Ogeechee. We should move. We shouldn’t move. We should buy this house. We should not buy this house. These important decisions were made on a full stomach of fish tacos or spicy Buffalo wings. Another great place we discovered with is tucked away on the Kilkenny Creek is Marker 107.

The atmosphere is dare I say, a little more quiet and romantic. The perfect place to sit a a candlelit table under a starry sky or full moon. It’s lovely to eat inside or out on the patio and the food is a win. I love that these places are literally right down the street from us and we can jump in the car in a pair of jeans and sit outside for a casual but fabulous meal in minutes. I adore that Georgia people are never in a rush, most certainly when it comes to eating. The motto is always “stay awhile, sit, relax, enjoy and eat till you can’t move. It’s a low country thing I think and I for one am loving it!