Richmond Hill Primary School:

Grades: Kindergarden and 1st 

 The Richmond Hill Primary school is near and dear to my heart as my 1st child was one of the 1st students to attend the school. Since then all of my children have passed through the Richmond Hill Primary School. The principal Mr. Walt Barnes was the history teacher for two of my sons at the Richmond Hill High school before becoming the principal of the Richmond Hill Primary school. He is truly a fine example of what you would hope to find in such a highly rated school system. The Richmond Hill Primary school offers a well-rounded education curriculum for the kindergarten and first grade students fortunate enough to attend the Richmond Hill, GA School system. Please view the RHPS’s website to see all of the great things that this school has to offer.

Richmond Hill Elementary School:

Grades: 2nd and 3rd

Richmond Hill Elementary School brings back very fond memories for me as a little girl attending the school and as a mother taking my children to school. I have many great memories about the Richmond Hill Elementary school. I can still remember how nice my 1st grade teacher was and how much I loved her. And the day that I left my children there for their first day of school. Much has change at the school and for the best. One thing that is still the same is Mr. Bing the principal. He was the principal of the Richmond Hill Elementary school when my boys were there and he is still there and still doing a great job!The biggest change will come in 2008 when the new Richmond Hill Elementary School will open it’s doors and the old Richmond Hill Elementary school will be the host for many Richmond Hill community events and classes. The one thing that never changes is the leaders in Richmond Hill doing a wonderful job keeping up with the rapid growth that the Richmond Hill is experiencing. But that comes as no surprise since they too planned the growth. Please visit the Richmond Hill Elementary Schools’ website to learn more about this great Richmond Hill Georgia school.

Carver Elementary School

Grades 4th and 5th


How excited my son was when he and his classmates got to move into the brand new George Washington Carver  Elementary School.This was my youngest son’s first time going to one of the schools that his big brothers had not been to. The school was light, bright and beautiful. He and his friends were very happy to help his class move and get settled into the new space. It was a very exciting time for all of Richmond Hill to have one more long term goal turn into such an accomplishment. Please view George Washington Carver Elementary’s Website for more information.

Richmond Hill Middle School

Grades: 6th – 8th

What a change for the children to go from upper elementary school to the middle school. They all thought they were surely grown now. With the changes also came the support to handle the changes and all of the new responsibility. It is great to see a lot of the same teachers and staff still at the middle school after all of these years. I think that is a good testament to the fact that Richmond Hill, GA is not only a great place to send your children to school, but a great place to work as well. Take a look at the Richmond Hill Middle School’s website for more great information.

Richmond Hill High School

Grades: 9th – 12th

Two down and one to go! I can’t tell you what a great experience my sons have had with the Richmond Hill High School.They made just as many friends with the teachers and staff as they did with the students. The teachers and the staff are so supportive and they really treat the students with love and respect. I hold many of them near and dear to my heart. This is very important because sometimes they see your child for more hours in the day than you. Please visit the Richmond Hill High School website for more information.

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